Have you ever been so busy that you missed a huge spike in commodity prices? We can help so that never happens again! Sign up for our AgriText™ service and never miss the current commodity prices, no matter where you are, because the AgriText service will send the opening, mid-day, and closing prices right to your cell phone every day.

The AgriText program covers all states and sends the current prices for numerous commodities. The prices are generated from the CME Group, Kansas City Board of Trade, New York Board of Trade, and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. The following chart displays the commodities and exchanges that are available.

It is also extremely flexible so that you can pick the commodity and the number of times each day you want the information sent to you. Along with commodities, AgriText users have the choice of receiving their updated claim status and payments via text message or email.

Commodity Rolling Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hard Red Spring Wheat
Hard Red Winter Wheat
Hard Winter Wheat
National Corn
National Soybean
Orange Juice
Rough Rice
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Soybean Meal
Spring Wheat

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