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Crop Risk Services offers an outstanding selection of crop protection plans at affordable rates. Hail coverage includes hail, fire, lightning, vandalism, overturn, and collision on a "dollar value per acre" amount that the producer chooses. Crop Risk Services was the first company in the industry to offer wind coverage on field corn.

More Features and Available Options

No one offers more service features and options than Crop Risk Services. Your crop protection coverage begins two hours after the application is signed and continues until June 1 of the following year. Special features include:

County Advantage Coverage

County Advantage is supplemental to ARPI. It indemnifies the producer for the difference between what individual insurance coverage (i.e. RP) would have paid and what the producer's ARP (or ARP-HPE) policy pays. This policy protects producers that buy ARPI and experience an individual loss, but the county does not.

Ultimately, the producer will receive the greater of what ARPI, or an individual (RP/RP-HPE) policy, would have paid (but not both).

If the producer’s ARPI policy pays out more than what the individual policy would have paid, the producer is entitled to the total amount of the ARPI payment minus any payments received on the individual policy. Allowing the producer to always receive the higher of the two payments.

For the pilot year, County Advantage can be purchased as an individual revenue policy, which is designed to function similar to a RP/RP-HPE policy. County Advantage is available with a Harvest Price Exclusion option and Late Planting. An Optional Replanting Election is available but Prevented Planting coverage is not.

This product is only available for Enterprise Units in selected counties in IL, IA, IN, MI, MN, and OH for corn and soybeans. In order to qualify for county advantage the producer must have at least 200 planted acres and have at least six distinct years of APH information, with a maximum of 10, on at least one unit/database within the enterprise unit (a cheaper rate could be available if more than six years of APH data are submitted). Advantage policies cannot transfer data from year to year. All information must be recreated for the next crop year.

Crop Hail Coverage

Crop Hail coverage provides protection when it counts. Crop Risk Services Crop-Hail Insurance can provide coverage for unpredictable loss from:

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