Aeros Adjuster™

Crop Risk Services has introduced the Aeros Adjuster™ system - bringing convenience and quick payment for claims to farmers. The leading-edge Aeros Adjuster software runs on a ClaimTop™, a specially designed tablet PC that includes GPS technology, a camera and a cellular data connection.

With the Aeros Adjuster system, once our adjuster is finished filing the claim, it is immediately available for auditing and can be paid as soon as the insured producer digitally signs the Final Notice of Loss acting in accordance with the Loss Adjustment Manual (LAM). John Fahl said, “The portability of the CRS system saves time for everyone involved in the claim process. And perhaps best of all, it allows for a same-day or next-day payment to the producers up to approved dollar limits.”

In March, we completed the first claim using the Aeros program and ClaimTop tablet PC. The adjuster checked the field in the morning, and thanks to the portability and convenience of the our system, the check was available for the producer that afternoon.

In addition to the convenience and quick payment the Aeros system offers to producers, the new program is also virtually paperless. We no longer prints multiple copies of claims to send to the Crop Risk Services office and agent. When the adjuster finishes the claim, all of the documents and claim information are readily available electronically. This greatly reduces the amount of paper and ink involved in the more traditional claim process.

Vice President, Claims

When producers have a devastating incident which requires a crop insurance claim, the last thing they need is to wait weeks for payment. With our Aeros Adjuster software and portable ClaimTop tablet PC, CRS has the ability to map the damaged acres, take dated photos with GPS coordinates attached and receive digital signature from producers. All of this information is quickly uploaded while the adjuster is still working in the farmer's field.

- John Fahl, Vice President, Claims, Crop Risk Services.