Aeros Mapping™

Crop Risk Services offers GIS farm mapping as a FREE service to current policyholders!

Aeros Mapping™ is a mapping software application designed to use aerial digital maps of your farm to assist in filling out acreage and production reports. It is a visual tool that enables the agent, the insured, and Crop Risk Services to communicate with one another, and the application helps prevent mistakes in reporting fields and acres.

By 2016, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) will require all AIPs to report 100% of their insured acreage by Common Land Units (CLUs) the requirement for 2012 is reporting 50%, 70% reporting in 2013, 90% reporting in 2014, and 95% reporting in 2015. In order to accomplish this task, CRS and its agents are working together with the use of Aeros Mapping to provide easy-to-use, map-based reporting forms. Using these map-based reporting tools, producers can visually verify their information is correct and provide agents with a better, overall, understanding of their farming operation.

We are excited to offer 36 x 42 wall maps of your entire farming operation, along with a hand-held harvest planner to help keep track of your production records. Mapping portfolios are free to the insured though there is a fee for ordering a wall map.

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Portfolio (Reporting Tool)

Aeros Mapping Portfolio Map provides a detailed close-up of each unit.


Summary (Reference Tool)

Aeros Mapping Summary Map provides an accurate, at-a-glance operational overview of your entire farming operation.


Wall Map

Aeros Mapping Wall Map provides an aerial overview of your entire farm.


Harvest Planner

Aeros Mapping Harvest Planner is a valuable record keeping tool that fits in your pocket.


How It Works

In the event of a loss, our Aeros Mapping program enables adjusters to access an aerial map of your farm, along with all the information needed to process a claim efficiently and accurately. Each map also indicates high-risk land, legals, and county information.

When downloading an aerial digital map of the insured's farm, our system will also indicate FSA field boundary data, high-risk land, and Common Land Unit (CLU) data for the county. The system will then give the agent the ability to label and customize these maps for each insured.

In addition to serving as a visual aide for the insured and for agents, Aeros Mapping can track pertinent planting information and maintain farm-management production records. The integration of Mapping and Aeros saves data entry time and provides better tracking for all your farm business needs.